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Yeddyurappa: A CM on six-months 'probation'?

By Vicky Nanjappa
November 05, 2009 15:05 IST
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Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa stated in New Delhi that there is no threat to his post. However this may come at a price, since the Reddy brothers -- Tourism Minister G Janardhana Reddy and Revenue Minister G Karunakara Reddy -- who are spearheading the rebellion -- with the support of nearly 67 MLAs are still looking for a hard bargain.

However, what Yeddyurappa is not saying openly is that the high command has devised a new strategy where they have decided to put him on probation for six months. Senior BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu, who met with both the warring factions, told them that there has to be a compromise formula, and unless and until it is followed, the party would suffer.

While Naidu and the rest of the high command have made it clear that there shall be no leadership change, they have also assured the Reddy faction that Yeddyurappa would be put on probation for six months. "Let us see how he functions and then let us decide. Things will not be the same," the high command assured the Reddy faction.

The BJP top brass appears to be desperate to save the leadership in Karnataka. The high command has assured the Reddy faction that they will handpick a leader, if there are any more complaints about the CM, and no one has to come running back to them seeking a change.

The high command has also said that they would reconstitute the ministry and would ask state rural minister Shobha Karandlage to step down. Further, the BJP high command has also told the Reddy faction that it would convince Yeddyurappa to change the heads of most of the boards in Karnataka. They also assured the Reddy faction that there would be a core team of seven BJP persons -- who would overlook the performance of the CM -- and would also actively participate in vetting important matters.

What Yeddyurappa told the BJP high command

Sources in the BJP told that Yeddyurappa was very firm during his meeting with the high command. He and his associates said that seeking a change in the leadership is not an option. The people of Karnataka have voted for Yeddyurappa and have given him a mandate for five years. It would amount to cheating the public if the leadership is changed.

He also said that he has tried reaching out to the Reddy faction, but there has been no support from that side whatsoever.

However, the Reddy faction was in no mood to give any time. They have already initiated a signature campaign by the MLAs against the CM and are expected to place it before the high command.

The final call

The BJP top brass is holding its last meeting with both the factions and the meeting is being chaired by party president Rajnath Singh, Leader of Oppsition in Lok Sabha L K Advani and senior leader Sushma Swaraj. The high command has a lot of hope from Swaraj whom the Reddy brothers respect a lot. If this meeting fails as well, then Karnataka will be left with no option but to be ruled by a collation, which most probably will have the Janata Dal-Secular as its ally.

Image: Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa

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