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Koshi changes its course again

Last updated on: May 28, 2009 00:20 IST

Four days of incessant rainfall has heavily damaged the pilot channel designed to revert the Koshi River in Bihar into its original course, Nepal News has reported.

The water has taken its toll near Madhuwan where three channels have been destroyed.

"Made up of sand, the pilot channel started breaking up from the mid-sections and spread onto the embankment damaging another two spurs. The water, then, reverted to a course through the eastern embankment," said sources.

The river was reverted to its original course on January 25 last year after it went berserk on August 18 the year before.

Though the government vowed to revert the river back before the monsoon this year, only two spurs have been made so far. Cofferdams constructed in Koshi river to prevent the river from entering human settlements has been washed away due to heavy rains in the last few days.

The river has started changing course after the dams got washed away Tuesday night. No major disaster has occurred as there were no human settlements on the area the river is flowing now.