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No truck with BJP, says Amar Singh

Source: ANI
May 15, 2009 17:42 IST
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Samajwadi Party general secretary Amar Singh on Friday put a dampener on speculations of any alliance with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Squashing rumours of any talks of forging a post-poll alliance fuelled by his meeting with BJP president Rajnath Singh, Amar said, "It was not possible as there was an ideological difference between the two parties."

"I don't think so because there is a core issue of difference between us and them. As long as Article 370, temple issue rules their ideological plank where is the meeting ground?" Singh said.

Singh's chance meeting with Rajnath at a social function had set the political circles abuzz with speculations of a post-poll alliance between the parties. At a time when political scenario is full of activity and parleys are already underway between various political parties for post poll alliances, such meetings are enough to put the parties in frenzy.

But Amar Singh sought to downplay his meeting with Rajnath, saying no politics should be read into it as it was just a social gathering.

"Rajnath Singh is like my elder brother and I have no enmity with him. As I was called for a social dinner, I went there. I also attended the dinner hosted by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh even when we had differences with Congress then," Singh told reporters.

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Source: ANI

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