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'India denied support to my government,' says Prachanda

May 06, 2009 21:44 IST

Maoist supremo Prachanda on Wednesday said that his party will not tolerate 'any kind of interference' in the internal affairs of Nepal from 'any part of the world'. He also accused India of 'breaking the politics of consensus' in the country.

Addressing his first press conference after resigning as premier, he also dubbed a videotape, purportedly showing him boasting about making a false claim about the strength of Maoist combatants, as a 'conspiracy' against the peace process.

Claiming that the Maoists will return to power, he said, "After some time... an atmosphere of trust will be created and we will in a position to lead the new government."

Prachanda denied that he had made any remarks against India while announcing his resignation.

"I have not blamed India, China or United States, I have only opposed foreign intervention," he said.

However, he claimed that the people of Nepal "feel that India's role was not positive". India 'denied support' to his government to uphold 'civilian supremacy' and its 'lack of support' for institutionalising democratic norms has created suspicion, he said.

Prachanda also blamed New Delhi for 'breaking the politics of consensus' after the constituent assembly elections.

"We will never tolerate any kind of interference in the internal affairs of Nepal from any part of the world," Prachanda said.

Shirish B Pradhan in Kathmandu
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