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B'lore techie commits suicide to see behind the 'curtain of death'

June 19, 2009 00:22 IST
In a bizarre incident, a software engineer from Bangalore, working in IBM ended his life in Hyderabad to know what lies behind the "curtain of death."

26 year old Pradeep Kumar Gondkar died after consuming poison at a temple near Kachiguda railway station in Hyderabad. The young techie from IBM had reached the city in a Kingfisher flight.

Before taking the extreme step, the young man sent email messages to his parents as well as the Bangalore police declaring that no body was responsible for his death. He indicted that he was unhappy and vexed with his life.

"I am eager to know what lies behind the curtain of death of which every one is scared off. Good bye selfish world," he said in the email message which started with a 'Hi.'

"I am fed-up with my life and am just eager to see what lies behind the curtain of death. I am not a coward. It is my decision to end my life the way I have decided," he further wrote in his email.

The software engineer apologised to his parents that he did not come up to their expectations. "Since I could not die daily, so once for all I want to put an end to this," he said.

He willed that all his personal belongings should be burnt on his pyre.

According to the priests and other eye witnesses at the Shyam Mandir at Kachiguda, the 'smart looking young man' entered the temple after leaving his foot wear at the stand and while offering prayers he collapsed. The staff immediately alerted the police and emergency ambulance was called. But he died before reaching the hospital.

Though it is common that the people who commit suicide are unable to bear the pain or failure in love and other reasons, but this is seems to be the first time that any body ended life out of curiosity to know what lies after death.

Gondkar's father Kundalikar is an employee of BSNL in Bangalore and his brother-in-law resides in Hyderabad.

Mohammed Siddique in Hyderabad