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Hillary meets Taj, Trident staff who survived 26/11

Last updated on: July 18, 2009 12:32 IST

"I am happy to see you all," United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Saturday told staffers of the Taj and Trident hotels, who had survived the 26/11 terror attacks, and risked their lives to save the guests.

Clinton, who is staying at the Tower Wing of the Taj Hotel to express solidarity with the victims of the Mumbai terror attack in November last year, began her day by signing the remembrance book for victims of the terror strike. Meeting with some staffers of the Taj and Oberoi hotels, Clinton said she was 'deeply touched' to meet them.

The terror strikes had left 183 people dead. Among the 22 foreigners killed were five Americans.

The group was led by Taj general manager Karambir Kang, who lost his wife and two sons in the terror strike. The secretary of state's office had earlier said that Clinton wanted to applaud the heroism of the staff, many of whom stood in the line of fire to save their guests.

Clinton arrived in Mumbai on Friday night on a three-day visit to India. She is scheduled to visit New Delhi on Sunday.

Following is the message written by Clinton in the Memorial Tribute at Taj Hotel in Mumbai: "Americans share a solidarity with this city and nation. Both our people have experienced the senseless and searing effects of violent extremism. And both can be grateful and proud of the heroism of brave men and women whose courage saved lives and prevented greater harm on 26/11 and 9/11. Now it is up to all nations and people who seek peace and progress to work together. Let us rid the world of hatred and extremism that produces such nihilistic violence. Our future deserves no less. With profound sympathy and resolve. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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