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Pakistan's irresponsible 'blame India game'

Source: ANI
December 09, 2009 13:43 IST
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Having witnessed five devastating terror strikes in the last couple of days, both the Pakistani civilian leadership and the intelligence have blamed India for the attacks, which according to analysts is a deliberate attempt on part of Islamabad to wash their hands off taking the responsibility for initiating stern action against the actual perpetrators.

Analysts believe that the government was blaming the recent attacks on India in an effort to shift attention from their inability to provide adequate security cover to people of the country.

According to Badar Alam, a senior editor at Herald magazine, a leading Pakistani monthly, political leaders are intelligence officials are working according to a plan, which is centred around the 'blame India game.'

"Both the intelligentsia and the government are behind the latest trend (of blaming India) because it absolves them of responsibility of doing anything to stop it," The Christian Science Monitor quouted Alam, as saying.

According to a leading security analyst, Hassan Askari-Rizvi, while Islamabad has continuously been blaming India for the attacks, it has hardly any evidence to prove the allegations.

"The idea that India may be behind the terror attacks is a very widely shared perception, but there's hardly any evidence to substantiate that. They (the militants) have attacked civilians in the past. I think the government consciously creates that confusion," said Rizvi.

"It is easy to communicate (this idea to) people who are already somehow convinced because of religious arguments that everyone is against Pakistan because we're the only Muslim nuclear power. This is a faith-based argument, not an argument based on reason," he argued.

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Source: ANI