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Andhra law and order situation worries Centre

December 07, 2009 18:22 IST
The Centre is concerned over the deteriorating law and order situation in Andhra Pradesh over the Telangana movement.

Union Home Secretary GK Pillai held a high level review meeting of the law and order problem arising out of the movement for a seperate Telangana state. It was attended by senior officials of the security agencies. Pillai also had interacted with the state administration.

Since it is an emotional and sensitive political issue, the senior officials of the Union Home Ministry did not offer any reactions. "We have kept the political leadership aware of the latest situation. A fax about the Andhra Pradesh law and order  situation was sent to National Security Advisor MK Narayanan, in Russia.

In Delhi's North Block, where the Union Home Ministry is housed, Today was a hectic day, spent contacting Hyderabad to ascertain the law and order situation.
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