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Kalyan Singh to float a party with 'Hindutva' agenda

December 05, 2009 19:26 IST

Shown the door by Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav and having been cold-shouldered by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), a rudderless Kalyan Singh is now toying with the idea of launching a political party.

The two-time Uttar Pradesh chief minister and once known for his political prowess and clout in the BJP, Kalyan Singh said, "My supporters have been after me to form an independent political outfit with 'Hindutva' on top of the agenda".

Regretting his earlier decision to twice part ways with BJP, Kalyan did not hesitate to admit,"I have committed several mistakes in my life."

He, however, hastened to add, "But let me tell you that I believe in learning from my past mistakes."

While declining to divulge the name of the proposed new party, he said, "The name of the proposed party and its constitution will be announced very shortly."

That Kalyan was trying to rope in other leaders of his own Lodh community was evident from the congregation of a large number of members of the community at his residence here for the past two days. He was also understood to be mobilizing the support of yet another estranged BJP leader Uma Bharti, who was also a prominent Lodh community leader .

Making it loud and clear that 'Hindutva' and the Ayodhya temple would remain top of the new party's agenda, Kalyan declared, "Once I get the new party registered with the Election Commission, I would undertake a ride to Ayodhya to reiterate my commitment to ensuring the construction of a grand temple at the site where the deity of Lord Ram
was installed under a ramshackle temporary shed," he said.

When a scribe reminded him of his changed attitude towards the temple after he had joined hands with one-time rival, Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh  Yadav, with whom he eventually decided to part ways after a ten-month bonhomie, he simply confessed, "Well, that was my biggest mistake."

Exuding confidence, he said, "But I am confident of taking the Ram temple movement to a high pitch again."

 According to him, "In fact, now it is not a question of building the temple , because a bare structure is already very much in place. All it requires to be given was a magnificent shape for which all spade work was complete."

Sharat Pradhan in Lucknow