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Weekend Picks

May 10, 2003 12:08 IST
A project to capture America digitally, a climber blogging from the top of the world and the humourous tales of a world traveller


A unique project is now calling amateurs to showcase their digital photographs and create a national family album during the week May 12-18. America 24/7 attempts to capture extraordinary pictures of an ordinary week and claims to be the 'largest collaborative photo project in history'.

You can take digital photos of your pets, kids, community, town, co-workers...anyone or anything that tells your story, as long as it is within that week. There are several categories for your images including 'Home Sweet Home', 'Animal Nation' and 'Let there be Art'.


Amateurs whose pictures get selected will get prominent credit like getting their pictures published in books.




Did you know that the sound made by the Imperial Walkers in Star Wars, were created by a machinist's sound press? Added to this, for complexity, were sounds of bicycle chains being dropped on concrete. And Luke Skywalker's landspeeder was achieved by recording the roar of the Los Angeles Harbor Freeway through a vacuum pipe cleaner pipe!


This and other equally amazing facts you would probably have missed, if not for Sven Carlsson's very informative site on film sound. Carlsson is a teacher in Birka Folkhogskola, Sweden, a residential college in adult education.


The site is a treasure house of information on all topics relating to film sound, and also has loads of interviews and articles. From film sound history, to sound clichés and film music, there's enough to make a sound expert out of you.


If you want to know how those creepy horror movie effects get created, read this interview with sound designer for 'The Haunting', Gary Rydstrom. Spine chilling stuff.




Lorenzo Gariano is currently blogging from the top of the world. Climbing Mount Everest as a part of his Seven Summits quest, Lorenzo is sending back audio reports as he and his team progresses on the route.


Along with him is Scott Woolums of Adventures International, who is also logging reports and videos of the expedition. This page describes how Lorenzo is sending his voice reports as he and his team progress towards the summit.




There are two things you need if you want to enjoy this site - sense of humour and a love for travelling, advises the writer. Web journalist and traveller Mark Moxon has in great detail documented his exploits over the years.


In 1998, Moxon completed a 3-year trip around Australia, New Zealand, French Polynesia, South East Asia, India and Nepal. From October 2002 to February 2003, he explored West Africa and also managed to slot trips to Morocco and Cyprus in between.


So why does he travel so much? In his own words: "In early 1995 I visited a friend who had just bought a new house. I remember it quite clearly: at the top of the stairs he had a perfectly-formed bathroom in which I had what can only be described as a religious experience.


Anita Bora