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Weekend Picks

May 03, 2003 11:33 IST

Looking for some action? Figure out road signs and indulge in some witty wordplay

"Traffic signs are, besides litter, among the more common objects found along the road side. We see them, yet don't look at them. "Shame, because many signs are worth a closer look," feels Monsieur Jean, a French hairdresser. (Actually he prefers to be called a coiffeur - the French word for hairdresser).

In this site, he has a put up a large collection of world's road signs pictures, taken by various road sign spotters  – from pedestrian crossings to falling rock warnings, demonstrating how much each country has in common.

At the same time, each sign is accompanied with insightful commentary emphasising the subtle differences between cultures. For example, take a look at road signs of 'Children in India'. Jean says that a signboard with a single child on his way to school is seldom seen anywhere else. He also compares signboards found in various parts of India. Signboards are listed country wise or by topic.

Classic Films

Never mind the ironic term, this site offers a sharp and satisfying look back at the days that made Hollywood famous. Cagney, Crawford, Bogart and the rest await you in insightful articles, bios and some of the most eye-catching art.

A tour around the 'Palace Classic Films' section exposes you to hundreds of images, articles, sound clips and comprehensive bibliographies of movies right from the 1920s to 1960s.

'Midnight Ramble' takes a look at Black Americans in early Hollywood movies, and includes rare images and a large collection of very scarce film posters. Lastly don't forget to drop in at 'Screwball Comedy' for some fun!

Paper Planes

If you are wondering what to do with all that paper cluttering your desk, this site is for you. Guinness record holder Ken Blackburn shares what he knows about paper airplanes you can fold. Also read up on the aerodynamics and history of these airborne objects.

Witty Wordplay

chiasmus (ky-AZ-mus) n.
a reversal in the order of words
in two otherwise parallel phrases.
chiastic adj

Indulge in an entertaining exploration of 'chiasmus'; best demonstrated by the famous warning, "never let a fool kiss you, or a kiss fool you". The site offers a cornucopia of reverse-order revelry by the likes of Oscar Wilde, John F Kennedy, Ben Franklin and others.


Vidya Srinivas Rao