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Weekend Picks

March 29, 2003 12:18 IST

Bored this weekend? Make a President dance to your tune

You would think the last thing on George W Bush's mind could be dancing. Ha. You would think the President would be busy working on the downfall of Saddam Hussein. Well, guess what, dance he does, and like a professional too -- at least on the Internet!

Dancing Bush shows you how the leader of the free world can gyrate like the best of us, with a loud dance floor, thundering music and flashy disc spotlights to egg him on. And, with a couple of clicks, you can also make him try various moves or dance a lot faster.

Speaking about presidents and politics -- serious business, this -- there's also an issue-based poll online, on who makes a better president. Contending for the position with Bush Junior is, get this -- the US fresh mint brand, Tic-Tacs! The site lists pros and cons for each, and it's the latter that appears to be winning…For example, while Bush promotes tax cuts, Tit-Tacs promotes tooth decay. However, Bush has 20 per cent body fat where the mint has only 1.5 per cent. More importantly, Bush costs $400,000 per year, while the simple mint costs you just 92 cents! According to the latest reports, Tic-Tacs is in the lead with a whopping 67 per cent votes!

Keeping Dubya in mind, here's a site devoted to losers alone. It is an online collection of sites spanning various categories that include nerds, journalists, wannabes, dorks, hobbyists, etc. If you find a site that sucks and feel the need to call its creator a loser, simply send in the URL.

I'm no loser. I often feel the urge to resign though, which sometimes seems a lot more difficult than getting a job. You know what I mean -- all those terrible formalities that need to be taken care of before you get a letter relieving you of your services? Now, no more fear, thanks to the Complete Guide to Resigning. The site answers all doubts about the procedures involved in leaving a job, how to resign with style and dignity, kinds of resignation letters based on the reason and urgency of resigning, and practical solutions for most work-related issues and situations.

There's also a collection of funny resignation letters. Nothing like making your boss laugh like a maniac while waving you goodbye...
Bijoy AK