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Weekend Picks

March 15, 2003 11:05 IST

Cork dolls, cranky babies and adorable dogs take our fancy

What happens when you put used corks, pins, nails and other odds and ends together? To find out visit Cork Doll and get the answer in the form of Kataoka Mamiko's beautiful creations.

Kataoka first started creating cork dolls when she was working part time at a Danish restaurant. She found an unusual cork rolling on the floor and the idea hit her. Starting with one doll in 1993, her collection now has hundreds, each with a unique code number. Asked how she manages to find so many corks, she says "all my friends who drink quite a lot keep the corks for me". So now you know where to get them.

Check out the archives for some enchanting pictures including the mousy Crystal Moon to the exotic Journey to the West. It will probably amaze you - the things you can do with a small piece of cork!

Baby Story

If you have a baby, chances are you'll identify with this journal. And if you don't, you probably won't get around to having one!

Cordelia Krizsan Vogel was born on January 18, 2002. To communicate his joy to all, Cordial's father started this journal. "Read on and find out what it is like caring for a new, impressionable, highly dopey human life if you are, well, me," he writes.

The articles are amusing and put across the woes of dealing with babies very beautifully. 'The three main reasons why being a parent sucks' makes some hilarious points in favour of not having a baby. 'The proper way to drop a baby' informs how these little creatures are extra-susceptible to falling, just to make your life more miserable!

In 'Just because she's helpless, doesn't mean she's harmless', Cordelia's father tells us of the wily little tricks she gets up to, when something doesn't exactly suit her liking.

The journal is filled with more baby antic and pictures of little Cordelia as a 9-month-old; 5-month-old and 6 and 7-month-old. With such an adorable baby, being a parent does seem to be worth the woes!

Gothic Miss Manners

After The Gentleman's Page we featured previously, which had practical guidelines for the 19th century gentleman, we now proceed to Gothic Miss Manners.

It's an authority on everything Gothic. Whether you want to deal with a romantic break-up in a mannerly way or communicate your intentions to the object of your affections, this site could help.

You can also find gems of wisdom on fashion-related matters. Like why friends don't let friends dress like 'The Crow' or simple etiquette, like the proper response when someone presents you with a horrible Christmas gift.

Most of the advice and suggestions you'll find here also relates to the modern person, except for an overemphasis on politeness and good manners that might go a little too far. But if you can sift through the chaff, there's lots of wheat in there!

Dog Postcards and Photos

I'm not a pet lover by any means, but if there's any animal I could make an exception for, it would be a dog. Known for their faithfulness and warmth, these adorable creatures make for the most delightful company. This site will appeal to the dog lover in you. It features a collection of photos of various breeds of dogs in different poses.

Trick dogs saying prayers and wearing elaborate costumes. Unusual breeds like the black and tan dogs,  Jack Russell terriers and the Chihuahua. Last, but not the least, take a peek at dogs making the "begging" gesture. If you aren't a dog lover, then will definitely ensure you turn one!


Sylvia D'Souza