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Secretive Sushma

March 04, 2003 10:42 IST

This attractive VJ has her own site, but it's only accessible to a chosen few

Sushma Reddy

Claim to fame:
VJ at Channel V.

What do you enjoy doing on the Net?
I check my mail and it's mostly work related. If there is a document to be sent or a contract to be renewed or if somebody needs to be contacted abroad, mail is the best approach.

The best way to get information on anything you want is to go to a search engine. If I read something in the newspaper and want to know more about it, we need some kind of reference, I log on to a search engine.

What is your daily routine like? How much time do you spend online?
I check my mail once a week. Once I log in, I spend at least half an hour online.

Your idea of a perfect Web site?
The site should be well organised. You should get what you are looking for at first glance. The matter should be presented in a nice way. I'm not particular about pretty pictures, colours or visuals. Quick download is more of a criteria. The site should be easy to access.

What are your favourite sites?
Google, for sure. I have my own site called but it's not accessible without the password. I use it purely for work and for advertisements. My clients can access the site and see my portfolio. If anybody in the advertising fraternity wants to approach me for work, accessing the site would be the fastest way.

Any Web based gadget you would like to own?
I have a regular computer with a regular keyboard. I keep changing the mouse pads though. Nowadays, you get mouse in cute sizes and shapes. I'm planning to get one for myself soon.

What do you like the most about the Net?
Information at your fingertips, easy accessibility and instant reference on any topic on earth.

What do you hate about the Net?
I don't have a laptop to lug around everywhere and I hate having to go to a cyber cafe to log on. That's quite a pain.

Do you ego surf?
I've visited the Channel V site a few times. I have a look at whatever viewers have posted on my section. Online marriage proposals and that kind of stuff!

Have you chatted with strangers?
No way.

Any celebrity you would like to chat with?
I would love talking to Matt Damon.

Any strange experiences online?
I don't chat online, so there aren't too many chances of meeting weirdos. Three years ago, when I was surfing randomly, I came across an article, which claimed I was going around with Fardeen Khan. That was news to me!

What would you like to change about the Net?
The whole generation, including my mother and her friends, are quite afraid of computers. I wish things would be easier for them. In the sense, I wish they could get what they want online at a press of a button rather than having to navigate their way around.

If the Net did not exist...
Things would not be that easy. I wouldn't miss it as much as SMS though!

Rashmi Ail