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Muggles on a deathwatch

June 20, 2003 17:17 IST

On the eve of the release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the online buzz is on who's going die


I received this email early morning from a die-hard Harry Potter fan.


"Did you hear about the whole truckload of HP5 books that were stolen in England just after the publisher sent off the trucks? Apparently, sections off the book have been scanned and put up online? Check out for some spoilers. A major character is supposed to die in Book 5, and JKR supposedly cried while doing the deed, so that's the biggest spoiler if you do research and find out."


Unbelievable at first, but the evidence online could not be ignored. So, who could it be? Hagrid? Dumbledore? Colin Creevy?


The many discussion boards and Potter fan clubs online are buzzing with speculation. While most fans think it might be Hagrid or Dumbledore, they don't rule out the possibility of the Weasleys - either Ron or one of the twins being killed off.


Logical explanations accompany these theories. Susan explains on this message board why she believes it might be Dumbledore: "I think it will be him. Harry's self-revelation, I believe, can only take place when he is the only one left shedding hope on the situation of Voldemort."


Another theory suggested by a fan compares the story with The Lord of the Rings. According to him, Dumbledore will be 'killed' only to return in Book 7 as Albus II, even more powerful, after swallowing the philosopher's stone while in exile!


A former colleague sent an interesting theory. He compares the Potter story with another cult movie: "I am reminded of the Star Wars series where Obi-Wan Kenobi dies really prematurely, leaving an uncut diamond in the form of Luke Skywalker to guide himself through his fight with darkness. Maybe Dumbledore will croak (anyway he is 150 years old) but we need to know who will play Yoda here before I buy this theory."


This MSN report presents fan's odds on who will bite the dust. The odds for Hermione Granger are 100:1 and Hagrid stands at 3:2.


A fan site dedicated exclusively to the news and other information about the latest book says that since Rowling has stated that the person who dies is a huge fan of Harry, it could be his best friend Ron Weasley. Some message boards are conducting friendly competitions about who could be the victim in the latest book. Tennant Stuart, a fan and a member of this message board who asks the same question, has gotten overwhelming response from other members who nominate possible victims.


This site gives some facts and teasers, including:


  • Why Voldemort killed James and Lily Potter
  • If Ron and Hermione will get together
  • What is the secret mission Snape went on. And many more…

Foxtrot comics featured a very humorous comic strip inspired by the release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. If you're willing to brave three-headed guard dogs and lawsuits you may face from the Ministry of Magic, go ahead and sneak a peek. The rest of us will have to wait till tomorrow when the book will be formally launched.


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Vidya Srinivasa Rao