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Weekend Picks

June 14, 2003 11:33 IST

Check out fanged creatures. Analyse your handwriting. Or even your dreams.

Ever done anything that will engrave your name in history books? Probably not. But your birthday sure has some history  associated with it. If you're bored, you can discover all that ever happened on your birthday even before you were born. Find out if you share your birthday with a famous personality, the religious significance of the day, the treaties signed, discoveries made or inventions wrought. And the next time you're tempted to fret about how insignificant you seem to be, remember that great things happened on your birthday!  

Do you want to tear your hair out because of a co-worker or are you trying to squirm your way out of an unwanted date? From daily dilemmas like these, to physical dangers like being struck by a lightning, find solutions to your most dreadful nightmares at Worst Case Scenarios.

The site offers a step-by-step guide to unscramble every jumble you get into, be it about work, dating or holidaying. You can learn to land a plane or to save yourself from stampeding bulls. Besides, there is an adventure game. You are given a scenario and depending on the choices you make, your ability to deal with worst-case scenarios is rated. You can also submit some sticky situations you've encountered. If you're stuck in a quagmire, or expect to be very soon, take a peek at the worst-case scenarios.

Little children worry about the creature under their bed. But Andrew Bell, a New York artist, has creatures living in his head. Since he can't deal with them, he thrusts them onto unsuspecting netizens like you and me.

You are invited to evaluate each of his creatures and rate them. Why bother, you ask? According to Andrew, it makes the creatures feel good about themselves. Well, actually it helps Andrew decide which ones are good enough to feature on the wallpapers and T-shirts his company creates. The site allows you to download wallpapers - if you'd like to have fanged beings on your desktop, that is. Do check it out, and if there's nothing running through your head right now, at least the creatures can lodge there.

If triangular-headed creatures aren't enough, then prepare to be 'bugged'. You can masquerade as a spider or a fly and leave messages on any of the site's pages. There's also a 'wash basin' where you can interact with other insects.

The interactive and innovative e-cards are definitely worth a glance. The author of the site calls himself Nobody. The raison d'être of the site is that Nobody likes to express himself  "using animation, text and programming". The animation is creative, ingenious and simply spectacular. Small wonder then, that this site won the Webby Award for the Best Personal Web site this year.

Did you know that dreaming about ice cream denotes good luck and much success in matters of the heart or that well-spaced handwriting is an indication of an outgoing nature? To delve into the secret world of your dreams  pay a visit to You can find out why we dream, or discuss it with others at the forum. There is also a Dream Dictionary that tells you the significance of various objects that might recur in your dreams.

If you don't consider your dreams worthy of a second thought, take a pen, paper, a magnifying glass and a ruler. With these you could begin to analyse handwriting -- your own or that of a friend. The detailed questionnaire will prompt you to look out for handwriting peculiarities. All of these will let you in on little secrets about the writer's personality. After you answer the questionnaire, you will receive an in-depth report within seconds. Aggression, ambition, self-confidence and other traits will be evaluated.

Now, if you have trouble understanding yourself or someone else, you know where to turn.

Velany Fernandes