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Weekend Picks

June 07, 2003 10:41 IST

Is there life on Mars? Some people are determined to find out!

The race to find out if there is life on Mars has been on for sometime now and Europe has taken the lead for the moment. Learn about Mars Express, Beagle 2 and the never-ending quest for water and sign of life on Mars.

Learn about the latest news and developments, see the planet's dramatic landscape and watch the vehicle launch at this European Space Agency's site (Real Player required). You can also submit your own picture of Mars if you've had the good fortune of capturing the planet on film.

MoviePooper, as the name suggests, is a resource to 'poop' or spoil the endings to classics and recent movies.

And why do people 'poop' movies? The site owners give a list of reasons. Here are a few of them:

  • Because sometimes, you're not interested in seeing that movie everyone's talking about but are dying to know what the hubbub is about anyway.
  • Because sometimes your trip ends before the in-flight movie does, and you really don't want to ask the pilot to circle the airport just so that you can catch the finale.
  • Because sometimes, you fall asleep watching a mediocre rental, and would rather return it on time than pay two more bucks just to see the end.

Seems good enough for me. The site boasts of having 'poopers' to nearly 1000 movie titles. Select a movie from the list on the left to see the spoiler.

And, by the way, in The Sixth Sense, the character Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis) is actually dead. Oops, did I spoil it for you?

The Hospitality Club
If you love meeting people from other cultures, enjoy travelling or even like helping other people, then is the place for you. The site aims to bring together people from all over the world so that they can help each other when they are travelling - be it providing accomodation or sharing local information.

Take a tour around the site and learn more about playing guest and host, security issues, member profiles and about the club. Read the FAQ section and rules and regulations before signing up.

Fake or Photo
Photo and graphics programs have come a long way, which seems to be the point of this online challenge
. Examine the ten images presented here and then decide whether they are real or an example of graphical wizardry. Take a close look at the picture and click on 'real' or 'cg' (computer graphics) to calculate your score. After you have finished with all the images, you will be prompted to get your score. In case, you get all ten right, you get a bonus round or see the answers -- in case it was just luck!

Which is Worse
Which is worse - changing a baby's diaper or changing grandpa's? Is wearing glasses better than wearing braces? Or is running out of underwear worse than running out of toilet paper? These are the hard-hitting questions we all face in life. Let your feelings be known here
and see how many agree with you. More than 74 per cent of the visitors would rather be alive and miserable than be dead and in peace. So much for R.I.P.

Vidya Srinivasa Rao