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Aryan feels ego-surfing is healthy

January 13, 2003 11:32 IST

Arti R

Aryan Vaid

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Claim to Fame:
Winner of the Grasim Mr. India and Mr. International titles in 2002. Will be making his appearance in Bollywood in Aatma (opposite Shamita Shetty and Priyanka Chopra) and the under-production Saazish.

What do you use the Net for?
I use the Internet primarily for email. But to be honest, I also visit of music sites like I download a lot of stuff online.

How often do you use the Internet?
It all depends on how much time I have on hand. But I have gone from being a computer geek and a Net freak to other pursuits in life (like Playstation!). But I really do enjoy surfing and chatting on MSN and Yahoo! Messenger. I usually get online a few times to check mail. But once in a week, I surf for an hour and like to finish clearing my email, chatting, downloading etc.

What is your Net routine?
I very rarely connect during the day. It is mostly in the nights before I hit the sack. Also, in the night, one gets better access speeds and email gets downloaded while I do other things.

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When did you use the Net recently for?
To download Beatles tracks and to check my mail.

What are some of your favourite sites?
Kazaa, and of course,

What do you like and hate most about the Internet?
I think it really brings the world within your four walls. As for what I hate, it really is a jungle out in the wired world.You must be careful.

Why did you put up your Web site?
It wasn't my idea. Somebody in the US put it up for me. But I think it's neat. I quite like a site with my own name (a little ego surfing never hurt anyone!).

Have you ever ego-surfed?
To be honest, I have when I won the Mr. International title. I wanted to see what was being spoken about me. It was quite a joyride actually.

Anything that you don't like about the Internet?
I wish someone could explain how I get porn mail almost on a daily basis.  And how those viruses get in! That is strange.

If the Internet didn't exist?
It would be back to the dark ages then wouldn't it?

Do you use the Internet for work?
Not really, though I should. Actually, I will do it now, as I need to find out information about something in New York!