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Your friends crushes and classics in 5 minutes

January 04, 2003 11:36 IST

Sylvia D'souza

"Ever wanted to know who your friend's crushes are?" Well, here's your chance! Crush007 helps you dig out the most well kept secrets of your friends with absolutely no sweat on your part.

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An email will be sent to your friends claiming the prediction of their future love and sex life, based on a set of questions. The email will encourage your friends to answer the questions seriously and honestly by falsely convincing them of the authenticity of the test. Questions range from 'Name of biggest crush?' to 'Ever had sex?'. Additionally, you get to ask a question of your choice. As soon as your friends fill in their private details, the information will be mailed to you!

Once complete, your friends will be greeted with the message "You have been fooled!" I wasn't too happy to read this message when a friend tried to fool me, even though I hadn't divulged any real information. My advice is, don't try it on a sensitive friend! After all, where there's no trust, there's no friendship!

Classic Novels - In five minutes a day

We all love to read, but how many of us find the time in our busy lives? It is to serve 'high-on-books, low-on-time' readers that Classic Novels was born.

All you have to do is subscribe to any of the classic titles featured on this site and receive the novel in five-minute installments each day in your email. Start your day with a classic, read it during a break or at the end of the day. The next installment comes in the next day. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it's also for free!

You can check this page for a list of current titles. If you have a particular novel in mind, suggest it here and you might just get lucky.

Being a poetry lover, I couldn't resist going in for Shakespeare's sonnets. What better way to start each day!

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The Origins and Ancient History of Wine

Who made the first wine, when, why, how, where are the questions for the curious wine lover. Warm up to the University of Pennsylvania's Museum of Archaeology site and have a good time.

Find out why we continue to live out our past through wine. Read about the history of wine in Egypt or Mesopotamia. Check out the world's oldest wine jar or take a look at this map that traces the whereabouts of wine.

You can choose to test your knowledge by taking this wine challenge. Also chat up with other wine aficionados on the Wine forum, "Your place to talk, taste, share, compare, indulge..."


"Want to melt those years away? Travel to an outer planet!"

Sounds like a joke? It isn't. Your Age on Other Worlds calculates your age on various planets, from Mercury to Mars. I am supposed to be 92 years on Mercury, 36 years on Venus, 2 years on Jupiter.

The theory behind this difference of ages on different planets is simple. The earth year is the time the earth takes to revolve around the sun. The same measure or ‘year' would be different for different planets depending on how much time they take to make one revolution. While earth takes 365 days to make one circuit, Mercury takes only 88 days and Pluto takes a whopping 248 years. Read this page for a detailed explanation.

You can also check out your weight on other worlds, if you are not happy with what your weighing scales say here on earth. I was recovering from the shock of finding my weight on Mercury (3 kgs) when I realised it was much better than what I would have weighed on the White Dwarf star: 59800000.