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Love it! Hate it!

April 22, 2003 10:34 IST

Model and actress Tara Deshpande marvels at email but misses paper and pen!


Tara Deshpande


Claim to fame:
Model and actress


How Net savvy are you? How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10?

I am quite Net savvy. I'd give myself about 6.


What do you enjoy doing on the Net?
I use the Net for research, reading news, shopping, and of course email.

What is your daily routine like? How much time do you spend online?
I spend about 4 hours online when I am not working. Otherwise it is at least 1.5 hours a day.


What would your Web site be like?

It should be quick to download, easy to navigate, secure, efficient and friendly.


Any favourite Web sites?, and are a few favourite sites.


Have you bought or sold anything online?
Yes, I buy a lot of stuff online.

What's your favourite Web based gadget?
My PDA, my DVD Player and above all my digital camera.


What do you like most about the Net?

The fact that there is so much information at the click of a button!


What do you hate about it?

Spam is awful. Invasion of privacy is another thing that bothers me. Illegal businesses seem to thrive and there is also a lot of subversive political propaganda. Today, anyone can write an article on a sensitive subject, give it some famous person's name and chain mail it to thousands of readers who think it's real. There are also all kinds of damaging health products being sold online that people actually buy without consulting their doctors!


Do you ego-surf?

No. It unnerves me.


Have you chatted with strangers?

No, and I do not advise it either.


Any celebrity you would like to chat with?



Do you download music or pictures?

Music yes, but no pictures.


What would you like to change about the Net?

Faster servers for one thing.  More privacy and security and definitely a crackdown on some of the offenders in cyberspace.


If the Net did not exist?
We'd still be writing letters to each other. I miss letters -- paper, pen, lots of character and emotion. Emails are pretty mechanical and cold.

Rashmi Ail