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Things To Do

April 19, 2003 12:17 IST

Nothing planned for the weekend? Try finding out why sharks don't attack auditors

Okay, we love keeping knick-knacks, yes? But a whole family doing it  -- that's a little out of the ordinary. Meet John, Cheri and their kids, Rena and Mac. The foursome began keeping these little bits and pieces in what they called the 'treasure jar', as a long-term family project. And soon, like most other things, Treasure Jar went online. It has a log of who found what, when and where. The owners don't seem to think so: "Sounds dull? Who knows what the next treasure might be? Diamond ring or Hot Wheels Car? Hundred Dollar Bill or a golf tee? We hope that at the very least this Web site will be of interest to people who are as easily entertained as we are." Take a look if you think you're one of them.

You can also check out what the family has been contributing recently or look into the archives to see what they found in the past.

Love taking pictures? You might like Retrospectiv. There's a catch though. The pictures can be about anything -- cars, buildings, streets, ants, apples or the love of your life -- provided they're taken from the view of an "average badger dog!" They shouldn't be taken from a height of more than 30 centimetres from the ground. And, for those entertaining any ideas about doctoring the pictures, be warned: advanced optical equipment will be used to measure their authenticity.

If that doesn't sound funny, try Tax Ha Ha. Why do sharks not attack tax auditors? "Professional courtesy." Or, consider what Benjamin Franklin said, :"In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes". Someone at the site has added, "At least death doesn't get worse every year!" Full of tax related humour, here's where you can find Tax Horror Stories, read accounts of people's experiences with taxes, or submit your own story. If it's horrifying enough, you could win a cash prize too. A taxable cash prize, of course. There's loads of tax humour -- "A dollar saved is bound to be taxed." -- as well as tax quotes.

There's better reading to be had too, of course. At the Classic Reader, for instance. A classic is something that everybody wants to have read and nobody wants to read. Sad, but true. Here's where you can made amends though, by browsing through some of the greatest works of literature by authors like Dickens, Tolstoy, Shakespeare, Austen and many more. The collection boasts 771 books and 1041short stories by 211 authors -- all divided into seven categories for easy accessibility. The fiction section has titles such as Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice.

Non-fiction has heavier stuff, and the poetry and short stories sections are full of gems too. Shakespeare has an entire section (of course), and you can browse by author and title listings too. Happy reading, then. Or clicking. Or laughing. Or whatever.

Sylvia D'Souza