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World's Worst

April 12, 2003 14:02 IST

Never mind the bright side of life. Get another perspective this weekend 


"I noticed that there were a few things lying around here and there. I decided to leave them where they were." Looking for some deeper meaning to this seemingly inane statement? There isn't any. It's simply an entry from the self-proclaimed 'Dullest Blog in the World'. It reads so much like most other blogs we come across, where people write everything from "I drank milk today" to "I might go out tomorrow". But that's how the Dullest Blog acts like a spoof, and is hilarious despite its dullness.

Try this, for instance: "I left the room and walked past the ironing board which I had left up in order to do some ironing. When I came back into the room I walked past the ironing board once again." Or: "I was at a meeting and became aware that I had nothing of any interest to add to the discussion. So I said nothing, and the discussion continued." There's space for comments too, so feel free to add your own.

Ugly Dress might come across as a spoof too but, in this case, you're never quite sure. It's dedicated to some of the ugliest dresses worn by (or forced upon, rather) bridesmaids. Check out the photographs for proof. The Bad Patterns section features dresses that looked awful because of the fabric -- "Who cares what the cut is when you look like you are wearing a sofa cover." My award for the worst goes to the Grandma's Tablecloth and 70s Wallpaper Pattern Dress, while the Bad Colour section actually made me pity the poor things that had to wear them.

The Bad Shape and Out of Date are other sections you might want to take a peek at, if only to appreciate the creativity that went into making them look as horrible as they do! And, if you have an ugly dress photograph of yourself, consider sending it in…It's easier to laugh at other people though.

Which brings me to Other People's Stories, which panders to the storyteller in each of us. The stories aren't expected to be original. In fact, it is mandatory for each to have been heard from someone, or even overheard or misheard. The goal is simply to retell a story without bothering about something as trivial as accuracy! Check out the story archives or the picture archive, or contribute your own.

Last stop: a celebration of 50 years of DNA. Apparently, it has been exactly 50 years now since the discovery of the DNA structure in 1953 -- a discovery that changed the face of modern science. The site has a DNA Double Helix timeline that traces the history of Genetics and Genomics, along with links to additional resources, a schedule of events across the world and even -- this was a surprise -- DNA-related art by Salvador Dali! So much for those who think science is boring...

Sylvia D'Souza