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Basab Pradhan

March 02, 2004

Why Europe is indifferent to outsourcing
Labour inflexibility, language barriers, cultural reticence, etc have kept Europe insulated, but it needs to embrace global services to excel, says Basab Pradhan.

December 10, 2003

The response to offshore backlash
People can lose their jobs due to outsourcing. That doesn't mean that we should stop the march of progress, says Basab Pradhan.

December 9, 2003

Why offshore outsourcing is good for the US
Outsourcing cuts costs by up to 40 per cent, increasing companies' profits, allowing them to invest in growth and creates jobs, says Basab Pradhan.

October 27, 2003

Who needs products? Services are prime
Has the Indian IT industry failed at the 'ultimate objective' of creating world-class products? Basab Pradhan examines some common myths about the IT industry.


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