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Jade Goody leaves generous legacy for sons

March 23, 2009 15:07 IST

Jade Goody left the world securing her sons' future, leaving behind a four-million-pound legacy for them.

The 27-year-old, who passed away peacefully in her sleep on Mother's Day [Sunday], had planned her last few weeks as she battled cervical cancer that had spread to her entire body.

The Brit reality star had entered magazine and TV deals to provide for Bobby, 5, and Freddie, 4, after her death.

Jade, who herself grew up in the back streets of Bermondsey, South East London, with druggie parents, had, during her lifetime, pledged to give her sons a better beginning than what she herself had.

'I've always wanted my family to have what I never could, no matter what it might cost,' she once said, according to The Sun

'I wanted to get Bobby into a private school. It costs over two grand a term, but I was willing to put all my savings into giving my kids a good education. 

'I will never forget his first day. It was so sweet seeing him in that uniform. 

'I took Bobby into the classroom and could hardly hold back the tears. 

'He sat down in his little chair and looked at me and said softly, 'You can go now, Mum. Don't cry. I'm going to be all right here'. I love the joys of being a mum,' she had added.

To be buried with sons' pictures

Goody will reportedly be buried with her sons' pictures, as it was one of her last wishes.

The 27-year-old died peacefully on Sunday in her sleep, while mum Jackiey Budden and hubby Jack Tweed held on to her hands.

According to a source, the Brit reality star had requested to be laid to rest with happy memories of her sons after she left them on Mother's Day.

'She asked to have a selection of Bobby and Freddie photos placed next to her in the coffin,' the Sun quoted the source as saying.

Jade had also planned her final resting place during her extremely painful ordeal after the disease spread to her entire body.

She wanted to buried at her favourite church, St John The Baptist in Buckhurst Hill, Essex, and had insisted that all those who wanted to attend her funeral were welcome.

Her friend and spokesman Max Clifford said: 'Her wishes were that everybody who wanted to could come. The church will be for family and friends only, but we have talked about relaying the service to people outside.'

In the picture: Good's mother, Jackiey Budden opens the gate to her daughter's house in Upshire, Essex.

Text: ANI | Photograph: Oby Melvilled/Reuters