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Wife Dona on Sourav's 100th Test

Last updated on: December 24, 2007 22:27 IST

Their parents built a wall to keep them apart; Dona and Sourav found vantage points in their respective homes, from where to gaze at each other, to keep love alight. Love conquered; the wall came down; marriage followed. And now Dona Ganguly, who rarely watches her husband bat, is off to Australia. "A 100th Test is once in a lifetime," she says.

"Getting married to Sourav was always special. He was not a top performing cricketer when we got married. I have no hesitation to confess that it is not difficult to be Mrs Sourav Ganguly. Over the years our relationship has become better and better. I have learned to cope up with kind of pressures Sourav has to face. He is very much a normal person off the cricket field. He rarely comes back with emotions gathered on the cricket field. Some times he is dominating but he will not shout at you. He has got his nice, polite ways to get you to do what he wants you to do.

I think that my dancing career has helped me a lot. You can not be with your husband always. He is playing somewhere and he has got his own duties to perform. My love and passion for dance has given positive purpose to my life. Basically I am not a keen watcher of cricket. Though I do keep an eye on what is happening in the match Sourav is playing, but watching match ball by ball is tough for me. On the other side our daughter Sana is akeen follower. She was the one who insisted that

she wanted to see Sourav playing at Eden Garden. She forced us to reach Eden Garden. When we reached the ground Sourav was playing on 94 and we were so happy to witness Sourav scoring his first century at Eden. I want to thank to Sana for that.

Cricket and Sourav go together. He won't be himself without his cricket. His self confidence has helped him to stage a successful come back. I have postponed all our commitments to go with Sourav to Australia. I and Sana will be there to witness Sourav entering MCG to play his 100th test match. We are so happy for him. He is a real seasoned diamond for Indian cricket."