In Case Against Shehla Rashid, a Glimpse Into Centre's Approach to Kashmir Crisis
September 11, 2019  10:58
The widespread use of fear and intimidation, having rammed through a particular vision of India -- 37 days and counting '" must be called out at every twist and sordid turn.

Shehla Rashid Shora has been a voice of sobriety. Her stand, nuanced and even-handed. I trust what she says while rubbishing the blatantly engineered reports that masquerade as news. That a series of tweets from this 20-something activist sends the mighty Indian state burrowing into the IPC is as pathetic as it is indefensible. This is the action of a haughty, unconfident state that routinely settles upon the softest of targets to reiterate a misplaced sense of omnipotence. It does so at the cost of its dignity and credibility.

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