Jaitley moving out of govt bungalow, cuts staff
June 06, 2019  09:01
Former Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley is vacating the government bungalow, has surrendered his official cars and reduced his security.

He has also returned many of the government officials who were part of his personal staff.

Jaitley is learnt to have asked members of his staff to pay the pending bills of water, electricity and telephone services. He has also stopped 25 daily newspapers.

Jaitley is moving to his own house in South Delhi. His family also wanted him to move out of official bungalow because of his health issues.

Being a Supreme Court lawyer, Jailtley has gone by the apex court ruling that former MPs must vacate their official residences within a month of dissolution of the previous Lok Sabha.

Once he recovers, Jaitley has planned to seek a smaller government accommodation.

He also hopes to rejoin the government by November this year. He wants four months' time to recover from his illness.
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