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How Bancroft was caught ball-tampering

November 14, 2018 15:20

Tampergate, when Australia's cricketers were caught in a ball-tampering scandal in March this year, is probably the biggest row to hit international cricket. But the scandal could not have been uncovered without the assistance of the onfield cameras that surround stadiums.   

How exactly Cameron Bancroft was caught tampering the ball, and how the other cricketers were trapped, is revealed by Geoff Lemon in his book, Steve Smith's Men.   

Lemon was a commentator during the Cape Town test in March 2018, and thus had a ringside view of the scandal as it was discovered.   

'It was Bancroft they had followed first, tipped off to the possibility of shenanigans and tracking his every movement with or without the ball in hand. An hour or so later, they had the shot.  Cricket lenses have 76 to 95 zoom, able to shoot from the grandstand to track a single bead of sweat running down a batsman's face. 

'Through this extensive framing latitude, every dramatic on-site sensation can be captured,' is how Canon describes it. Too true. Bancroft was holding the ball in his left hand, scrubbing his cupped right palm and fingers over the leather as though battling an unforgiving doorknob. You could see the pressure he was applying by the white flush of his knuckles. The fix was on,' Lemon writes in an excerpt from his book, published in The Guardianhere.

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