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Rahul's 'pop quiz' over attack on Agnivesh

July 18, 2018 10:44

Rahul Gandhi hit out at the ruling BJP after a mob attacked social activist Swami Agnivesh yesterday. Gandhi tweeted a  "pop quiz" with a subtle message.

Agnivesh, 80, was assaulted, punched and kicked by a group allegedly from the BJP Yuva Morcha or youth workers in Jharkhand.

Gandhi posted a news report of the assault with his tweet this morning.

@RahulGandhi Pop Quiz
"I bow to the most powerful in the line.
"A person's strength & power are all that are important to me.
"I use hatred & fear to maintain the hierarchy of power.
"I seek out the weakest & crush them. I rank all living beings based on their usefulness to me.
"Who am I?"

Some 'followers' on Twitters turned around the quiz to lampoon him and the Congress.

"It's not only #Pop but also #Pappu'" Chanchal Singh (@chanchal558) replied.

But others followed in Gandhi's lead, like this one from @Mehboobp1

"I'm the same one who encourages Lynchings, rapists , looters

I'm BJP."

And more support from

Replying to @RahulGandhi
I am Narendra Modi, the weakest PM of Indian Republic. I am so week that I have to resort to:
Data Manipulation
Appropriation of History
Fake Promises to people
Subversion of democratic institutions
to win a the second term.

And @mysterious2810 tweeted:
I am BJP and I know how to divide the society aomgst religions, castes and communities while calling others tukde tilde gang. I am pioneer of tukde tukde concept."

Agnivesh, was in Pakur in Jharkhand when he was attacked by a mob as soon as he came out of his hotel, flanked by tribals.

The activist said that the mob shouted "Jai Shri Ram" as they beat him up, not relenting as he begged them to stop.

The BJP has condemned the attack and denied that the attackers were linked to the party. At the same time, a spokesperson of the party said "one shouldn't see the attack in isolation and Swami Agnivesh's 'track record' is such that the reaction doesn't come as a surprise". 

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