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Will replace Pak's flawed system with new law: Nawaz Sharif

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August 13, 2017 09:04

Pakistan's sacked premier Nawaz Sharif said on Saturday that he will strive hard to replace the country's old and "flawed" system with a new law which will put an end to the unceremonious ouster of the prime ministers.
Sharif told his supporters at the last leg of his four-day homecoming from Islamabad in Lahore that his party's government was going to initiate efforts to bring new
Constitution and fully support the suggestions put forward by the chairman of Senate.
"We will have to bring a new system, a new constitution and a new law replacing the old flawed system which has been affected by virus," he said while talking about flaws in the existing system of Pakistan.
"Now we need a new law in which no one can oust a prime minister in this manner and for that purpose I will come out on roads and bring about a revolution," he asserted.
Sharif also demanded accountability from military dictators and judges who he said have been sending prime ministers packing home in the last 70 years.
He also criticised the five judges who disqualified him in the Panama Papers case.
"Are you qualified to disqualify me? Every single child of this country has not accepted your decision," Sharif said.
He also took on the military establishment and warned that Pakistan may a face 1971 like situation if the prime ministers continued to be sent home unceremoniously.
"God forbid if Pakistan sees 1971 like situation again. But now time has come that humiliation of elected prime ministers should be stopped. I am no more afraid. I do not fear for my life. I need your support to ensure respect of the people's vote and civilian supremacy," he said.
Sharif said he should be given a medal for overcoming terrorism, electricity and gas shortages and unemployment.
On July 28, a five-member Supreme Court bench disqualified 67-year-old Sharif for dishonesty and ruled that corruption cases be filed against him and his children,
forcing the embattled leader out of office.

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