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India's daughter-real reflection of what society thinks: Udwin

March 12, 2015 13:05

While on India's Daughter, the film's producer Leslee Udwin has said the banned documentary is "a real reflection" of what society thinks.

"It's a real reflection of what society thinks. And, you know, in a sense, there's nothing surprising about those comments. This is a society that treats girls as unequal from the day they are born. It treats them as unwelcome when they are born," Udwin said in an interview to the PBS news channel.

"Sweets are distributed in celebration at the birth of a boy only, and a girl is a disappointment. And from that moment in her life onward, she continues to be discriminated against. Her value is far, far less than that of a boy. Of course, you will end up with a society in which men think they can do what they like with women because they have no worth," she said.

The film, banned in India, was premiered in New York this week, and Udwin, who has been accused of violating law and not abiding by the agreement with the Indian agencies which gave her necessary permission for the interview, has been appearing on mainstream Indian media for the past several days.

Prominent among these allegations include that she signed that she would not use the movie for commercial purposes. 

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