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LIVE! Cong frowns at Sunanda Pushkar's tweets on Article 370

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December 03, 2013 13:49

The Congress leadership is unhappy with Sunanda Pushkar's statement on Article 370 which indirectly supports Narendra Modi.

An AICC functionary called up Shashi Tharoor saying her tweets were in fact, a criticism of Pt Nehru. She is believed to have apologised to Tharoor and said she supports the rights of Kashmiri Pandits.

On a panel discussion on NDTV she had also told Barkha Dutt that she wants a relook at Article 370.

Here are some of her tweets on December 1:

"So if a girl marries a non kashmiri her kid doesn't inherit if a kashmiri guy marries a non kashmiri girl can his kid inherit?

Now that I am told the girls can buy let me see but issue remains why can't my son inherit it?

Omar has told me to reapply for a State Subject as mine had got burned with our house

OMG really? That is totally unfair.Point is who set this all in motion? We can't blame Omar for previous laws

Omar told me that & promised2 help all the women who don't have the state official in Jammu was ill informed

I wasn't allowed to buy land a few years ago was told I can't as I am married to a non kashmiri

Omar responds to this tweet.
Omar Abdullah: ‏this law changed almost 10 years ago so would appreciate
if you & Shashi could set the record straight.

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