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IM mail hints at act of suicide terrorism

By B Raman
September 20, 2010 17:11 IST
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B Raman decodes the email sent allegedly by the Indian Mujahideen after the attack on tourists outside Jama Masjid in New Delhi.

The statement purporting to be from the Indian Mujahideen disseminated by email on September 19, is shown as having been signed by one Al Arbi. It refers to certain anti-Muslim incidents which allegedly took place in Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh on the day of Eid (September 11). It also refers to the day when the total number of people allegedly killed by the security forces in Jammu & Kashmir crossed 100 (September 17). This would indicate that this message must have been drafted between September 17 and 19.

The statement is in good English with very few grammar or typing mistakes. It has been drafted by one well-versed in the Holy Koran. Many of the religious allusions have been taken from some past messages of Osama bin Laden, but Osama has not been mentioned anywhere by name.

The last para of the message has been borrowed almost word for word from a message against General Pervez Musharraf and the Pakistani Army issued by Osama in September 2007 calling for the wrath of Allah on them for the raid into the Lal Masjid of Islamabad in July, 2007.

It reads: 'O, Allah, deface them, break their backs and heads, split them up and destroy their unity; O, Allah, afflict them with the loss of their near and dear ones as they have afflicted us with the loss of our near and dear ones; O, Allah, we seek refuge in You from their evilness and we place You at their throats; O, Allah, make their plotting their destruction; O, Allah, suffice for us against them with whatever You wish; O, Allah, destroy them for they cannot escape You; O, Allah, count them, kill them and leave not even one of them. "

There are only two minor changes. Osama Laden had not said "deface them". He had also not said "and heads". One does not know wherefrom Osama had originally taken his curse against Musharraf and the Pakistani Army. Osama curse against them has been converted by the IM into a curse against the Indian people and officials. I had referred to Osama's message of September 2007 in my book Terrorism: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow.

The statement does not directly claim responsibility on behalf of the IM for the attack in Delhi on September 19 in which two Taiwanese tourists were injured. However, it indirectly hints at its responsibility by saying: "In the name of Allah we dedicate this attack of retribution…"

In its reference to the forthcoming Commonwealth Games, it says: "On the one hand Muslim blood is flowing like water, while on the other hand you are preparing for the festival of games. This is surely not a child's play. Mind you this is the initiative from the Lions of Allah and we warn you to host the Commonwealth Games if you have a grain of salt. We know that the preparations for the Games are at its peak. Beware we too are preparing in full swing for a great surprise. The participants will be solely responsible for the outcome as our bands of Mujahideens love death more than you love life."

It has highlighted in red ink the following words: "Our bands of Mujahideen love death more than you love life." This could be a hint or threat that it is planning to commit an act of suicide or suicidal terrorism. The IM has not so far indulged in either.

While over 75 percent of the statement is about alleged atrocities against Muslims in Jammu & Kashmir, there are also condemnatory references to the death of two IM suspects during a raid by the Delhi police on September 19, 2008, to the arrests of some alleged members of the IM by the Anti-Terrorism Squad of the Maharashtra Police in connection with the Pune Bakery blast of February 13 and some alleged anti-Muslim incidents in Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh on Eid day.

While the IM has threatened to launch a campaign of reprisals in solidarity with the Muslims of Kashmir, its initial attacks could be in Delhi, Mumbai and Ratlam.

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B Raman