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'Urmila is just wonderful in my film'

Bombay, 12 April 2001, 15:00 hours IST: Rajat Mukherjee chatted from his residence at Goregaon, northwest Bombay, and realised that the release of his debut directorial venture, Pyar Tune Kya Kiya, is eagerly awaited.

Rajat Mukherjee : Hi guys...

Nehal : Tell me about urmila's role in pyaar tune kya kiya
Rajat Mukherjee : Urmila plays the role of a rich girl quiet aloof with her environment till she mets Jai, thats Fardeen.

Nehal : When is this movie releasing?
Rajat Mukherjee : We are planning to relase at the end of April. The date has not yet been finalised.

irfanhussain : Rajat uncle, Fardeen Khan's slang in more of english nature, how did u handle him in this movie & how do u rate him as an actor ?
Rajat Mukherjee : No Fardeen's accent is absolutely perfect, as an actor I found him completely dedicated to his work and his performance in PTKK is quite outstanding. I'm very satisfied with it.

babu : what kind of movie is this pyaar tune kya kiya?
Rajat Mukherjee : It's a drama/thriller genre, deals with individual interpretation of love of three main characters Ria, Jai and Geeta and their interpersonal relationships.

Nehal : u just have 13th, 20th, 27th in april so whats the plan
Rajat Mukherjee : Well 27th is a likely date but we are just waiting for final things to happen.

anil : did you reject neha becoz she is manoj bajpai's girlfriend....and you dont like him?
Rajat Mukherjee : Manoj and Neha both are very good friends of mine, I didn't reject Neha. It's that I was not very comfortable with her body language and being a new director couldn't take any chances. Manoj and Neha ae still very good friends of mine.

babu : Do you have any *hot* scenes like in FA? *wink wink*
Rajat Mukherjee : Sorry to dissapoint you *lol* you have to see the film to really find out at is hot and what is not. Besides its not a remake of FA.

james : great stuff,old boy! but why urmila, just becoz ram gopal verma produced the movie? why not someone else?
Rajat Mukherjee : When I wrote my screenplay and the first time I thought about my casting the first person to enter my mind for Ria's role was Urmila. It has got nothing to do with the fact that the film is produced by Ramu.

Nehal : Wil this movie will make more collections than kaho na pyar hai?
Rajat Mukherjee : When a director makes a film he always wanted it to be a hit, everything else is the verdict of you the audience. Hope you like the film.

irfanhussain : rajat uncle, the music & the background score are completely different, did u make any influence for this on Sandeep Chowta ?
Rajat Mukherjee : The music and the background score both is done by Sandeep and he has done a marvellous job of it. When you see the film you will realise that both have achieved what we wanted them to achieve in the film. As for being different, whatever difference is there it's intentional.

kedar : rajat sir tell me 1st that there is no song from Sunidhi Chauvan in movie why
Rajat Mukherjee : We selected singers according to the need of the particular songs. So Sunidhi didnt sing for any. But she is an excellent singer and I really like her work.

Nehal : what is the role of fardeen?
Rajat Mukherjee : Fardeen plays the role of a photographer.

raghu : Aren't you afraid of the expections the film is creating around the country?
Rajat Mukherjee : We wanted to create some expectations of course, thats the reason the promos are running. Every director puts in his best in his film I think I have put my best in PTKK. I ust hope that I live up to the expectation you're talking about.

raju : With urmi playing the same stuff again and again how do you hope to attract audience ?
Rajat Mukherjee : Urmila is looking quite different in the film. Any case I don't agree with you about Urmila doing the same stuff in all the films, she is a actress par excellence and she is just wonderful in my film.

Siddhartha : Why u made a remake of "Fatal Attraction"?And how do u judge your product with the original one?
Rajat Mukherjee : As I said before it's not a remake of Fatal Attraction.

SRK : Rajat, I hope your film is slick enough and not a saccerine marketing attempt like Mohabattein
Rajat Mukherjee : Well I can't say about any other film and really dont understand what you mean by slick, if you are talking about production values and the pace of the film, yes I think we have somehow achieved what we targetted, it's a fast paced romantic drama, I hope you like it.

Azzu : How was it working with a director himself Ram gopal varma ??
Rajat Mukherjee : Well Ramu is a keen and intense producer. It was really like a dream come true to work with him. No newcomer director can ask for a better banner to get launched from. His understanding of cinema is just out off this world.

tiddlywinks : is it true that the background score for the movie was composed using old jingles from the 70's that were used for toothpaste commercials?
Rajat Mukherjee : Well I dont know how old you are, looks like you have no idea about '70s anything, let alone toothpaste commercials, were you even born then?:-)

vickyhot : Which director do u idolise?
Rajat Mukherjee : I can't say any one name there are a number of them. Here are the few of them, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Gulzarsaab, Guru Dutt, Mani Ratnam, Shekhar Kapoor, Ramu...the list can go on and on. I'm sure if you are a movie buff you would understand that you get touched by so many dierctors and their works for example in my mind there is no greater film than 'Sholay'.

Srinivas : Srinivas says, Hi Rajat, do you agree mafia control is there on film industry
Rajat Mukherjee : I'm quiet new in the industry to really know anything about it. Maybe by the next movie I would have 'encountered' some Mafia types ;-)

sdg :  many films being made now are with an eye on the overseas audience. do you think that indian audience will stop mattering in time to come?
Rajat Mukherjee : No matter how big is the overseas market, we can never neglect our own audience it will be like committing Hara Kiri:-)

Sahil : how different is your style from ram gopal verma??
Rajat Mukherjee : Every director has his own style, I dont know how much difference is there but there is a diference no doubt.We can be more clear if I attempt to make another 'Satya'

shonit : Rajat were u fatally attracted to anyone yet??
Rajat Mukherjee : I dont know about Fatal but yes I've been caught in someone's attraction. I'm just praying that it doesnt prove to be fatal.

jai : Don't u think sir that indian movies are all being made on the same run of the mill theme of love and romance for the last fifty years or so.. isn't it the time that the directors think something differnet...
Rajat Mukherjee : I quite agree with you, in fact you can see a distinct change in many of the directors work who want to give something new to the audience. I just hope that the trade people realise what you have mentioned and ease the pressure on the filmmaker to repeat the same old stories again and again.

shonit : Do u help Ramu for the movie Company??
Rajat Mukherjee : Today is the first day of the shoot of 'Company'. No, I'm not assisting Ramu for 'Company'.

shervin : rajat....the music is awesome.....y did u choose sandeep chowta?
Rajat Mukherjee : When I was writing my screenplay I happened to meet Sandeep on the sets of 'Mast' and 'Jungle' and got to discuss my subject with him. His sheer understanding of it made me ask him to do the music for my film also. I personally think he is one of the most movie savvy music directors in our country.

prakash : sur y is that we indians r not able to make an imp on international market.we have talents, market, what else - all in this country,still no recognition. is this a curse on bollywood
Rajat Mukherjee : I dont believe in any curses and who says you are not making any impresson on the internaional market, slowly but surely, Indian filmmaking talent is getting recognised. You can say once again look at makers like Shekhar Kapur, Santosh Sivan etc

fardeenkhan : hi mr rajat well then was there any fights between the hero and heroine while filming
Rajat Mukherjee : Nobody fought during the filming of PPKK, it was only me who shouted the most. I dont think anybody could have heard anybody else while I was around. So no question of fighting.

prakash : ptkk-same long names in the hindi films of this a sort of luck u r looking at,for in none of the new movies,the long names mean nothing to the film,is this the same way???????
Rajat Mukherjee : The title of the film was decided while recording the song Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya, it has got nothing to do with any trend whatsoever.

rajiviyer1 : is there any other project you are planning upon
Rajat Mukherjee : Yes I'm working upon a couple of subjects, as soon as I finalise them my next project will start.

Mayabazar : Have you listened to the VAMPIRE HUNTERS song, that was copied as Roundhe Hain in your film? Please ANSWER!
Rajat Mukherjee : I have no idea at all, of the song you have mentioned, but I'm sure Roundhe hain is an original composition of Sandeep.

Rajat Mukherjee : Since the film deals primarily with human relationships it would be understood by all classes and age groups.

mvoak : whydid you introduced urmila in a negative mood?
Rajat Mukherjee : Urmila plays the role of an intense woman just wait and see the film then only you can say she is negative or what.

Rajat Mukherjee : 

Parveen : One question, if you have to make a film on something you like what would be your next launch??
Rajat Mukherjee : I'm looking at a romantic comedy with loads of optimism as one of my next projects.

Rajat Mukherjee : Well guys its time for me to go, I just wish that i could have stayed a little bit longer and chatted with all of you, really sorry for not answering some of the questions, may be we'l do it next time. Don't forget to go and see the film. Take care all of you, Bye